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Rosendals Trädgård – The fragrance of memories

After his sabbatical, during which he spent most of his time in Sweden, Alexander was certain:

“I want to get back out there. Where I’m cold, it rains, hunger accompanies and silence is louder than the big city. And that is now my heart’s desire. To write about it and to show in pictures what I may experience and experience in motion out there.”

I can understand that well. Usually Alex reports on his blog Laufliebhaber. Today he shares his Sweden experiences here on Sweden and such.

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Every moment has its own scent. Linked to the country and season in which it was created. And every memory is inevitably linked to that one fragrant moment.

It usually takes only a small spark of this fragrance to return to the place where it was born. To ignite a fire of images, emotions and magic there.

Find out more about such a special place called Rosendals Trädgård, home in Stockholm, now.

When the autumn wind brings with it the last breath of summer. Earthy potatoes are dug out of the ground and winter apples are waiting for the first frost, that’s when I remember Skördefest at Rosendals Trädgård.

Every year on a weekend in mid-September, the harvest festival (called Skördefest in Swedish) takes place. A day dedicated to family, nature and appreciation.

Picking flowers for the dining table at home. Wheelbarrow racing between bales of straw, with the child in the front. Homemade bread baked in the fire and the harvest that Rosendal produced.

I have not yet participated in the wheelbarrow race. I like to sit under an apple tree at the beginning and watch the people and the garden.

Sounds funny? No time and all that… You always have to do something, don’t you?

No. You just don’t have to.

The only people who are allowed to be impatient, fast and restless in Rosendals are the children. Without time and with the next deadline in mind, the magic will not show itself to you.

And even if you will never see it on his face, the Swede often shakes his head inwardly at these restless Germans.

There is fika, of course, and also a great buffet at the “Greenhouse Cafe” with produce from the garden. Juicy kanelbullar, great salads and the world’s best homemade apple juice. Certified organic and farm to fork style.

But beware, since 2017 Rosendals is “cash free” and pay only by credit card.

There is also much to discover in the Rosendals store and safe

also to buy one or the other gift or souvenir. Far from tourist souvenirs, you will find many a handmade magnificence.

The simple, unobtrusive beauty of this garden reminds us that it was not conceived and created with tourist highlights in mind. Rather, it was designed for Stockholm families and all those who are looking for a new fragrance for their memories.

Rosendals Trädgård is not only unique in autumn during Skördefest. In the spring awakening, when the apple blossom calls all life welcome after a long winter and many dark days. At the end of the year, with the first snow, when the earth rests dormant.

Every day you decide to visit the garden, you will discover this one scent for yourself.

Do you remember?


Rosendals Trädgård is located in the Royal Zoo (Djurgården) behind Skansen. Rosendalsvägen 38.

Opening hours



to March 2019 daily 11:00 to 16:


April to September 2019 daily 11:00 to 17


October – December 20, 2019 daily 11:00 to 16


Exception: closed on Midsummer, garden as well as parking.

Admission is free.

Web: Rosendals Trädgård

Alexander is the one who brought “Running Lovers” to the internet – his personal love letter to running, hiking and the North. He loves movement, running or hiking and Sweden fascinates him especially. You can find the running lover on Instagram, Facebook and You Tube.

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