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Climbing Storsylen – Tips & Facts

Alexander has already been to Sweden a few times. He has also spent most of his time off there. Normally he reports on his blog Laufliebhaber. Today he shares his Swedish experiences here. It’s about climbing Storsylen, or Syltoppen, respectively. A mountain that, at 1762 meters, lies southwest of Åre, Sweden, and southeast of Trondheim, Norway, on the country’s border.

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Guest article | Without studying maps before starting my trip, I would not have discovered and paid attention to it.The Storsylen with its 1762 m at the Swedish/Norwegian border. The highest elevation of the Swedish historical province Jämtland. And that would have been a pity if I had missed this adventure.

Where the trails start to the summit, where you can stay overnight and what to consider from my experience, you’ll find out now.

When I was planning my trip, I knew from the beginning that it was going to be a hut tour. In the region of Jämtland and Härjedalen around the mountain Helags. The Norwegian Nedalshytta, only few kilometers behind the Swedish border could be included thereby meaningfully.

On my 10 day tour I planned to stay there for two days and three nights. Not as usually on my hikes always only on the legs to be. Also times relaxed to discover something.

And what was to discover, I found on the map (Calazo Fjällkarte C29). A path, which leads more or less alone into the Fjäll. And at some point it ends on the top of Storsylen. This looked like an ideal discovery plan for a day trip. Plannable, doable and certainly not crowded in the sense of day trippers.

Now, in retrospect, I know that the attraction is to climb Storsylen. And that there is not only one way to the summit. There is a second one, which starts from the Swedish side and directly at the STF Sylarna hut. Whole travel groups and school classes make themselves from there on the way. Unfortunately, this path was not yet marked on my map. Ideally one translates itself just important facts before. Even without great Norwegian language skills or a translation, one understands that there is not really great loneliness to be expected:

Hytta er hovedinnfallsporten til Sylan fra norsk side,

og er en del av den populære helårsruta “firkanten” som går mellom Blåhammaren Fjällstation (Blåhammarstugan) (S), Storerikvollen, Nedalshytta og Sylarnas Fjällstation (Sylstasjonen) (S).

I området rundt Nedalshytta er det også fantastiske dagsturmuligheter, noe som gjør hytta til et godt utgangspunkt for barnefamilier som ønsker å bo fast.

For toppturentusiastene er Sylmassivet et eldorado, med Sylt

oppen (1762 moh.) og Storsola (1711 moh.) som de utvilsomt mest populære toppene i Sylan.

freely translated


The cabin is the main entrance gate to Sylan from Norway and is part of the popular Helågsroute “Frikanten”, which runs between Blåhammaren Fjällstation (Blåhammarstugan) (S), Storerikvollen, Nedalshytta and Sylarna Fjällstation (Sylstasjonen) (S). It is also a wonderful day trip, making the cabin an ideal base for families with children. For summit tourists, Sylmassivet is an Eldorado, with Syltoppen (1762 mh) and Storsola (1711 mh) being undoubtedly the most popular peaks in Sylan.

In the morning now, the day of the planned tour to the summit, I could not decide to start. This weather was in my way. It was possible that the next day would be better with less clouds and fog. The lady at the reception, however, taught me otherwise: “If it is not dangerous or there is a storm warning, take what you can get. Waiting for something better usually leads to experiencing nothing.” So off I went.

In this case running, because backpack and all stuff I could leave in the hut. So I quickly overtook all the other hikers who had started before me at the Nedalshytta. Barely 10 kilometers and 600 meters of altitude are up to the foot of the Storsylen. And here the real adventure begins. The direction is still marked. But there is no more path. It is only climbing and step by step for about 1000 meters of altitude on maybe one kilometer steeply uphill.

The climb pulls everything out of your legs. But full of hope to be alone for a moment on the summit I did not let go. I knew how many hikers would come after me. However, I could have done. So let me time.

Because on the summit it was already. The school class with maybe 25 people. From the Sylarna hut located on the Swedish side, they had ascended.Can no one guess that school classes get up early to climb a mountain on which there may be no cell phone reception. (There was, however. Best summit reception.)

After the summit had freed itself somewhat from people, I broke off my break directly below and also ascended. The weather had completely turned within the last 90 minutes. Fog and clouds were almost gone. Top visibility and even the wind was bearable. Almost seemed like sunburn danger on the summit.

From the ascent to the summit there is no possibility to fill up water. It is therefore advisable to check the supplies at the last river before the sweaty climb. So then the summit break may be a little longer than if the water would be scarce.

The pure descent of the 1000 hm could be better managed in relation to the ascent. Depending on the pace, it takes one to two hours. But even here, without full attention and testing that the step sits, there was high risk of injury.

With snow and Eis or rain I would not like to undertake this tour. The fact that the Norwegians of course have a trail run for this, the Storsylen Opp, which involves running from the Nedalshytta to the top, shows that, as always, everything is a matter of experience and opinion. Perhaps there is also a bit of Nordic craziness involved.

Either way, whether from Sylarna or from Nedalshytta, the trail is top marked and leads over sometimes more and sometimes less preserved planks through the fells. He has in the storm, in fog and sun (I had strangely enough all in one day) its charm and is really fun. There is enough water. The last time at the river shortly before the ascent. The river which meanders out of the mountains flows into a large lake below the peaks.

If you are traveling with a tent, this is a great place to spend a night. However, you have to watch out for the wind, which tends to become a storm through the valley.

However, I would not recommend this tour in summer and on weekends. Seems like it would be very crowded then. But since it’s light most of the day, maybe just start really early and have breakfast on the way.

Position: 62°58’43.56 “N 12°6’0.64 “Ø

Beds: 51-75 from 2-bed rooms up to 12-bed rooms (bunk beds) Restaurant: pre-booking necessary, no self-catering kitchen (but cooking outside on fire or own stove is possible)

Website of Nydalshytta

STF Sylarna Fjällstation, 83771 Duved

Beds: 100

Restaurant: Has the nice name Spiseriet and serves great breakfast or dinner. You can also have something packed for lunch.A “guest kitchen” where everyone can prepare their own food if they want is still available.

Alexander is the one who brought “Running Lovers” to the internet – his personal love letter to running, hiking and the north. He loves movement, running or hiking and Sweden fascinates him especially. You can find the running lover on Instagram, Facebook and You Tube.

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