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wakacje z jogą w górach opinie Organizujemy wyjazdy z których każdy może czerpać wiele satysfakcji i frajdy ale przede wszystkim - wyjazdy, które dają poczucie wielkiej harmonii. Czujesz się już zmęczony codziennym biegiem, nadmiarem zajęć i brakiem wolnej chwili? Zapraszamy do nas – Wczasy z Jogą organizują kompleksowe wyjazdy wypoczynkowe, którym towarzyszą ćwiczenia i medytacja. Joga znana jest ze swoich właściwości relaksacyjnych i antystresowych, pomaga odzyskać wewnętrzną harmonię i zdystansować się od spraw codziennych. Doskonale działa jednak nie tylko na ducha, ale także na ciało – rozciąga i wzmacnia je, niwelując męczące bóle głowy, bóle stawów, nerwobóle. Dzięki nam i naszym wczasom terapeutycznym to wszystko jest na wyciągnięcie Twoich rąk. Wypoczynki organizujemy w malowniczych oazach spokoju i relaksu ( w górach, nam morzem, za granicą), prócz zajęć jogi (często prowadzonych na świeżym powietrzu) jest także medytacja i metody relaksacyjne. Rodzicom, bądź opiekunom oferujemy nadzór nad dziećmi w trakcie ich niedyspozycji (ćwiczenia), czy nieobecności. Jeśli nadal nie masz pewności – zapoznaj się z ofertą naszych warsztatów terapeutycznych, wybierz odpowiednią dla siebie, a resztę zostaw nam – do codziennych obowiązków wrócisz z nową energię i wewnętrzną harmonią!
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Sweden for Kids

Advertising, competition | Scandinavia in general and Sweden in particular are very child-friendly. In Sweden there are many attractions especially for children. Amusement and animal parks, children’s museums, Astrid Lindgren movie sets. But more importantly, the vast, beautiful country is an adventure playground in itself.

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Why Sweden is perfect for a family vacation? There are countless reasons. For me, the most important: the closeness to nature. In Sweden, the way of dealing with nature is completely different than in our country. Nature should be experienced and felt. That’s why even remote areas, national parks and protected areas are made accessible. Through the Everyman’s Right it is allowed (with some restrictions) to spend the night outside and to make fire. So on small trips into nature or a real outdoor camping trip, children can experience and learn an incredible amount.

In addition, many hiking and biking trails are made extra kid-friendly. Whether through markings and explanations along the way, or divisions that make it easy for parents to decide what they can trust their children to do. In addition to the land activities, there is of course plenty of water action! Sailing, rowing, canoeing, swimming. Because water is actually never far away in Sweden.

If you search the internet for articles about Sweden with children, you almost always end up in Småland. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that it is located in the south of the country and the journey is therefore not too long. On the other hand, the most famous attractions for families with children are located there. Writer and heroine Astrid Lindgren also grew up in Småland and many of her stories are set exactly there.

National parks, Astrid Lindgren’s world, high ropes course, candy canes, gold hunt, boat tour, moose safari. All activities for children in Småland. You can read more about it here and here. But actually, the whole of Sweden is perfect for a vacation with children, as “ganznormalemama” Nathalie also knows and lists ten reasons why.

If you want to prepare for a vacation in Sweden together with your little ones, we recommend Sweden for Kids from the World for Kids publishing house.

Sweden for kids is a children’s travel guide recommended primarily for four to ten year olds. The aim is not to present specific places, but to introduce children to the country itself and its many different facets. Of course, typical Swedish things are not left unmentioned: fika is explained as well as the royal house, lagom and moose. There is also a double-page feature on various Swedish berries.

The book is really beautifully and thoughtfully illustrated and is a reals participatory work. Exciting stories, told by the protagonist Kim and the Swede Lykke, mix with small crafts and game ideas. There is also space for coloring and taking notes. Made of uncoated paper, the pages are sturdy to withstand as many eventualities as possible in addition to colorful pens.

Author Britta Schmidt von Groeling has always traveled a lot. First alone and then at some point, of course, more and more often with her children. When they began to ask more and more questions about the vacation countries and regions they had visited, the idea for the World for Kids travel guides was born. Since she couldn’t find anything suitable in this direction, she decided to take care of it herself.

Britta Bolle is a studied illustrator and has specialized in children’s books under the label illutié. She gives the World for kids travel guides a very special touch with her distinctive style. In each book, main character Kim experiences the most colorful adventures together with a different local child. The illustrations describe each country in its uniqueness.

Sweden for kids

Britta Schmidt from Groeling


For children from 4 years

€ 16,80, softcover, 72 pages

ISBN 978-3-946323-07-5

You can get the book directly from World for Kids – Verlag or on Amazon*.

Procedure and conditions of participation

To participate, please write in the comments below this post what interests you about “Sweden with children”. (You don’t have to register at Disqus to comment, you can simply check the box “I’d rather write as a guest”. The box will open as soon as you enter your name).

The competition is open to anyone 18 years and older who comments below the post AND sends a short mail to with their name and a correct email address (this will not be published). This is necessary because for data protection reasons the email addresses are not transmitted via the comment system and I need a way to contact you if you have won one of the books 🙂

The giveaway will run up to and including June 09, 2019 and winners will be chosen at random and notified by email. If an email does not work or if the winner does not respond within three days, a new draw will be made. The email provided will be used for notification and will be passed on to the publisher, but will only be used for shipping. Postal delivery is only possible within Germany.

A cash payment of the prize is excluded and we reserve the right to change the rules of the competition, to cancel in case of abuse and, as always, the legal process is excluded.

Good luck! Fingers crossed!

*** UPDATE: The competition is closed and the winners have been notified!

Text and photos: Rike Jütte

Photos of the book courtesy of World for Kids – Verlag.


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