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Königslutter walking tour, imperial cathedral, dinos and half-timbered romance –

(Advertising) Königslutter am Elm is famous for its imperial cathedral, where Henry the Lion’s father was buried. Exciting is the Geopark Information Center with its fossils and a footprint of a dinosaur. The world of sounds can be experienced in the Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments MMM. A city walk leads to historic half-timbered houses.

On our journey through the Braunschweig region we will drive to Königslutter am Elm today. The Elm is not a river, but a mountain range in the North German lowlands.

The most important sights of Königslutter

Königsluttter offers many sights that you should see. On place number one for most visitors is certainly the Kaiserdom. For me, second and third are the two exciting museums, the MMM Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments and the Geopark Information Center. A walk through the old town with its many half-timbered houses rounds off your visit. I have put together some tips for your stay in the city.

The old town with the half-timbered houses

We walk from the train station to the city center, which is characterized by numerous half-timbered houses. No wonder that the German Half-Timbered Houses Route also passes through Königslutter. Many of the houses we see have been lovingly renovated. Large arched gates often indicate former breweries. The sale of beer helped the town achieve some prosperity in the past.

Blue beams decorate the house.

We walk through the pedestrian zone to the marketplace with its many large and small half-timbered houses.

Marketplace of Königslutter

At one house in the marketplace, we notice unusual figures and columns supporting the beams. We learn from the guide that they are supposed to come from the village church of Schoderstedt. The church was destroyed in the Middle Ages. The house was built in 1674 by the bailiff Ernst Leidenfrost.

The wooden beams of some houses are adorned with aphorisms and ornate decorations.

Königslutter half-timbered houses

The small colorful houses of a street look particularly crooked and crooked with their wooden beams, which is also their special charm. Entering through such a low door, I would have to bend down. I wonder what it might look like inside.

Alley with colorful half-timbering

Tip: If you want to take a closer look at half-timbering, join the guided tour of half-timbering Ship’s Throats and Crooked Beams. It goes into detail about the artistic craftsmanship of the carpenters, the inscriptions and the ornamental work.

Old and new town hall

The old and the new town hall are located on the market square. In the orange house once lived Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who established the foundations of homeopathy. The left house houses the city administration. Behind it peeps the town church. We walk past it to reach the Geopark Information Center.

The Old and New Town Hall Königslutter

The Geopark Information Center

Our visit to the Geopark Information Center leads us into the world of stones and dinosaurs. On four floors, 290 million years of the earth’s history are brought to life with the help of fossils and rocks. What may sound a bit sober is actually really exciting! What can be found in the quarries and pits? of the Braunschweig region was found, e.g. a fish dinosaur skeleton.

Fish dinosaur replica, the Eurhinosaurus

A long time ago, the Brunswick Land was located at the equator. It was covered by a sea where many animals lived. We see, for example, large ammonites, the so-called cephalopods. As a child I liked to go fossil hunting with my brother-in-law Peter. We often found small ammonites in the soft shale rock of the Middle Rhine, which once swam in the Devonian Sea. But my finds were not that big!


Among the fossils we see very nice imprints of fishes and plants. Even an imprint of a dinosaur foot is present. Also the people of the stone age are dealt with exhibits. The museum forms an excellent basis for explorations in the UNESCO Geopark Harz.Braunschweiger Land.Ostfalen. Brochures provide information about hikes on adventure trails in the region, fossil hunting and guided tours.
Address: Geopark Information Center, An der Stadtkirche 1, Königslutter
Ages: Prehistoric and Stone Age

Duckstein beer and lime

In the Geopark Information Center, the Duckstein also caught my eye. I already knew Duckstein beer before my visit to Königslutter. I drank it once in Hamburg and found it very good. At that time I did not associate the name Duckstein with Königslutter. Rather, I thought of a Duck family from Duckburg and wondered. Hopefully I will be forgiven for that!

The Café am Markt used to be a brewery

In this context, Duckstein is a calcareous type of rock, also known as lime tuff. This caused the brook Lutter very hard water, which can be used well for brewing beer. It offers a lot of minerals. Duckstone was also used to build, for example, cellar vaults for beer storage. More than 73 breweries brewed Duckstein beer in Königslutter between the 17th and 19th centuries. The delicious beer was also exported at that time. On my next visit, I want to learn more about the beer!
Tip: You can learn more about the Königslutter brewing tradition on an experience tour about Duckstein beer. The beer tasting rounds it all off.

The Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments MMM

In the MMM, the museum of mechanical musical instruments, we are allowed to take part in an adventure tour. We dive into the time of carousel organs, big and small music boxes, instruments with rollers or cardboard discs. The instruments are not only explained, they are also played.

Self-playing musical instruments

My personal highlight is the silent movie orchestrion “Photoplayer” from the Wurlitzer company in Chicago. It set the films in the cinema to music until 1927. Visiting the Imperial Cathedral and the museum can be combined very well. They are practically opposite each other.
Address: Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments (MMM), Vor dem Kaiserdom 3 – 5, 38154 Königslutter am Elm
Age: Industrialization and Modernity.

The Cathedral Café in Königslutter

We sit down on the terrace of the Dom-Café, which is located in the same building as the museum. Here we enjoy a very large cream puff with strawberries and ice cream. At the same time, our view falls directly on the imperial cathedral, which is located directly opposite. An almost ideal place for a

Take a break!

Not only looks delicious, it is!

The imperial cathedral of Königslutter am Elm

The imperial cathedral of Königslutter is located on a hill above the city. It is one of the most important Romanesque buildings in Germany and is the counterpart of the Speyer Cathedral. Built by Emperor Lothar III as a burial place in the 12th century, it was decorated with many ornaments by Italian master builders.

The Imperial Cathedral

Lions line the entrance of the Imperial Cathedral Some carry a heavy load

At the entrance gate two lions greet us, guarding the portal. The left lion prevents the unbeliever from entering by grabbing him beforehand. While the right lion guards his pious flock (source: Otto Krugel, Kaiserdom Königslutter). The gateway reveals Italian influences. The two lions let us enter dutifully.

The interior of the three-nave basilica appears quite enormous. It is said to be one of the early large vaults of the German Romanesque period. Capitals and friezes adorn many mythical creatures. The colorful murals were freshly renovated in 2010. I like very much the bright cloister. The columns and capitals are decorated in completely different ways.

The cloister of the Kaiserdom Königslutter

We turn back outside to look at the hunting frieze


Two hares tie up a hunter

The hunting frieze

on the outside apse of the cathedral is also famous. We see hunting scenes with animals. Looking at two hares, we puzzle over the meaning of the scene. A hunter can be seen lying on the ground tied by his feet. The two hares are tying up his hands.


the two munchkins taking revenge for the hunt?

Two hares tie up a hunter

Tip: If you want to learn more about the Imperial Cathedral, you should join a one-hour guided tour, which is very informative. (Middle Ages and Renaissance)

One of the oldest German trees

Behind the Kaiserdom of Königslutter we marvel at a huge tree. The Kaiser-Lothar-Linde is said to be almost 900 years old. They say it was planted as early as 1135. I love these old, big trees. This one has a huge trunk circumference of almost 15 meters! Its height is about 23 meters.


, one of the oldest trees in Germany

This means that the Kaiser-Lothar-Linde has made it onto the list of monumental trees. We let ourselves drift a bit through the city before we start our journey home.

Königslutter train station

We traveled by train from Braunschweig to Königslutter. The regional train runs about every hour. The station is not far from the city center, about 800 meters. There is a restaurant in the building.

The train station of Königslutter am Elm

Where is Königslutter located?

Königslutter am Elm is located in Lower Saxony, about 87 km from Hanover. To Braunschweig it is about 23 km to Wolfsburg 20 km and to Helmstedt 15 km. The town is surrounded by the Elm-Lappwald Nature Park. The Elm is a forested low mountain range made of fossil limestone.

Tip: You can find more information about the Braunschweiger Land region at zeitORTE.de. It’s worth checking out the Kulturcoupons app. You can save money with it. It offers discounts from discounted or free egg

ntrance to a cup of coffee or cake.

Other interesting places in Lower Saxony

In the article about Braunschweig, I wrote about the sights of the Lion City. The Autostadt Wolfsburg showed me its modern and historical side. I reported in detail about the guided tour through the MMM Museum for Mechanical Musical Instruments.

Another historic half-timbered town in Lower Saxony is Einbeck with 400 half-timbered houses and the museum about the motorization of mankind horsepower memory


Indication: For this article, I was invited on a research trip to the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region. The content of the article as well as my opinion were not influenced by this.



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